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The Elements and Qualities

There is usually a deep affinity with nature. Earth signs are the builders of long-lasting structures.

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Air symbolizes mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication, and social relationships. Air signs provide ideas that make things happen. The water element symbolizes emotion, psychism, mysticism, and intuition. Water signs are the most sensitive of all. Each sign corresponds to an element these are fairly well-known and a quality or mode these are not so well known.

The 3 modes are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Knowing the element and mode for each sign will make it much easier for you to find the major aspects in a chart.

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The Elements of Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air & Water Signs

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Zodiac Signs Earth Air Water

Skip to content The Four Elements in Astrology. Understanding the Four Elements: Fire, earth, air, and water As recently as a few hundred years ago, Western scientists considered the whole earth to be made of just four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Fire signs can also be insecure, egocentric and impractical. Someone with 5 or more planets in fire appears deceptively quiet and shy until she feels safe enough to open up. Someone with planets in earth signs is resourceful and possesses talent in dealing with reality and material things— such as money, business, or crafts.

Seeing the world in terms of elements is a tradition that goes back thousands of years throughout many cultures.

What Are The Four Elements? Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The elements represent the basic principles of life, and different systems have delineated the elements in various ways. Western Astrology uses four elements -- Fire, Earth, Air and Water -- and each of the 12 zodiac signs falls into one of these categories. In your birth chart, the elements represent your fundamental qualities and temperament -- the "stuff" you are made of.

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While all four elements come into play to some degree for each individual, often two are predominant, while the other two require more effort to express. This person might be very adept at taking care of pragmatic, material-world tasks Earth and have a gift for thinking logically and viewing situations objectively Air.

However, she might find it challenging to get in touch with and feel her emotions Water and could struggle with summoning the initiative and courage to take action Fire.

Because all four elements are necessary to live a balanced and fulfilling life, we are compelled to compensate for those elements we are naturally lacking in our birth chart. We often attract people into our lives who are strong in our weak elements, and vice versa. Fire has traditionally been associated with Spirit -- the primal force of animation. Fire represents the desire for life, the will to be and become.

The Elements of the Zodiac Signs: Fire, Earth, Air & Water

People with a fiery emphasis tend to be impulsive, spontaneous, creative and enthusiastic. Ideally, Fire signs serve as an inspiration to others, stimulating creative action based on high ideals.

Fire can "burn itself out" when it lacks a practical outlet for its high-voltage energy. If someone is lacking in Fire, they may need to cultivate self-confidence, vitality, courage and passion. Earth represents manifestation in the physical world.

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